Refuge Runner

The Original "Kara Hummer"


The Refuge Runner was designed after the fiberglassed wood design "Kara Hummer" Style layout boats. Just updated so it would never rot.

Concealment is Key


With its low profile design and sapcious cockpit, you can get in super low vegetation and become invisible. 

Hide Anywhere


Regardless if you need to hide in the grass, in a stream, creek or want to hunt open water, this boat can get the job done.

Backwater Access


Get into areas other wish they could. This boat kayak paddles or can be push poled very easily to some very remote areas.



This is our longest running production model, we started producing this one in 1997 and is still one of the top sellers.



These boats can be towed by a large boat if you need. Properly loaded and get on your way.

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