• PPF WOOD DUCK frame kit


    Built in the USA by Powell Performance Fab out of Hutchinson, MN. Our ultra lightweight “Wood Duck” are the ONLY choice for any hardcore backwater enthusiast! Whether it be chasing ducks, trapping, or finding fish in those spots that are impossible to get to with a conventional outboard.

    We pride ourselves on delivering top of the line quality at a bottom line price. Our quality materials, attention to detail, and customer service are second to none. Now combine that with the lightest mud motor in its class, dependability, superior ease of use, and you have the " Wood Duck”, the only choice.

    The “Wood Duck” is ideal for 12-14’ jon boats, layout boats, Grumman sport boats, or any small boat with a 15” transom.  Average speeds will depend on the boat (size,weight, and design),and the load your carrying. Speeds of 11-13mph on small jon boats are common (heavy loads will be less).

    If you are going to use this on a Four Rivers Refuge Runner layout boat, we highly suggest upgrading the handle length to the extended version. This allows you more comfort while operating the motor. Plus helps the center of gravity by moving you slightly forward. The longer handle also comes with a longer throttle cable.

    Standard Features of the Wood Duck frame kit

    - No Motor on base frame kit listed, but have motors listed as optional upgrade, just click on your choice of motor
    - Diamond Drive direct drive coupler system
    - trigger throttle and  locking grip w/ billet locking rings
    - dual function tether and kill switch
    - large linear load bearing system (the engine takes ZERO thrust unlike competitors)
    - Hill Marine weedless mud propeller, 15-5 heat treated stainless steel, 6.5”x4”
    - CNC formed DOM tubing construction
    - UHMW integrated trim tab/ bump stop
    - adjustable cavitation plate for fine tuning
    - “Quick Drop” transom mount (allowing the motor to be removed or installed on the boat    in less  than 4 seconds)
    - removable handle with quick release pin
    - heavy duty pivot system (motor will pivot 360 degrees on boats with straight transoms)
    - low maintenance grease able drive shaft
    - all parts are made by CNC and laser cut for a precision fit
    - total weight of only 59lbs. (approx.) Depending on the engine manufacture, the total weight can vary up to 5lbs.
    - included are detailed assembly and maintenance instructions
    - all frames have a 2 year warranty