We offer Navigational Light kit and install them on your boat as we build it. The front light is mounted to the nose of the front deck and is bi-color. The rear light has a base mount and a 48 inch removable pole and 2 storage brackets you can mount in your boat.

    If you order the Electrical panel, we will wire the lights up to the electrical panel for you.

    This light kit can be installed on E.B.A.D.S., S.O.B.A.D.S. very easily even if you did not purchase the boat with the kit pre-installed. Just give us a call for  details on how-to. If you want them installed on any of our other models, give us a call to discuss prior to ordering.

    If you are using a long tail motor on your boat, call us to discuss where you want tot mount the rear base so you do not break it off turning the long tail.