• DECOY Sled


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    The time has come to start to really utilize your gear, time and MONEY. Why go out an buy a bunch of gear that only has a single use when you can purchase the brand new Four Rivers DECOY Sled and has several key pieces of your gear ALL IN ONE!!!!!

    It is designed to be a cockpit cover for tall these boat. It will allow you to pile ALL your gear high in the boat and also keep it dry and secure as you travel near or far. You can just strap it down or add on an after market locking system to make it extra secure. No more worrying about stopping for gas and wondering if somebody is looking in your boat at YOUR gear thinking “ I can use that!” Made with the same durable fiberglass we use in all of our boats, weighing only 40 pounds, easy on and off the boat. The best cargo carrier for your Four Rivers!!!

    Once you get to the ramp, now you need to get the gear to your spot as fast as you can so nobody else gets your spot. Throw the sled in the water, load it up with ALL your gear, hook it to your Four Rivers boat or other boat and you are on your way. Get it all there in ONE TRIP! With a size of 92” long by 37” wide and 12.5” deep you will have plenty of room for all your gear and still have room to bring your limit back from your hunt! It drafts only  several inches of water fully loaded, so you do not have to worry about loading it to heavy. Comes with a heavy duty Nylon rope handle long enough to drag by hand through the grass, marsh or where ever you are going.

    Now you have your spread all set up and have a buddy who wants to hunt but can not afford a boat of his own! NO PROBLEM, just take the DECOY Sled that is empty now since you just unloaded it and quickly add a set of Flip Doors and throw your buddy in there in shallow areas instead of your boat. There is plenty of room no matter how big your buddy is. The Flip Door System is the same design we use on all of our layout boats and can be attached in a matter of minutes. Want to field hunt for geese, add the ground skirt to help blend in without any shadows. All of our blind systems are WATERPROOF, WINDPROOF and have plenty of vegetation loops to turn you into an .........