• Camo Boat Covers


    Our camo boat covers are made of water proof cordura for durability and great wind blockage. They install in less than a minute with no tools and removes even faster. With the built in elastic cord, simply slip the cover over the front nose and pull it back to hook the under the boat seam. The elastic cord holds it in place quick and simple. The fabric is 900 denier cordura material. There are 6 rows of vegetation straps on the front deck and 2 along each side of the cockpit opening and has straps on the dog deck area. This cover also works in conjunction with the Flip Door Blind Kit and the new Dog Box and Blind system. The White Camo cover does not come with vegetation straps but can be special ordered to your needs.

    PLEASE NOTE, the MINI has a Flip Blind Door System and nose cover all in one, there is not a separate camo cover for the MINI layout boat. Go to the Flip Blind section to order that particular accessory.

    Shipping Dimensions: 
    20 × 14 × 8 in
    Shipping Weight: 
    8 lb