MIGRATOR 11' Layout Boat

MIGRATOR 11' Layout Boat
  • Overall Length 11 feet

  • Overall Width 4 feet 2 inches

  • Overall Height 1 foot 3 inches

  • Approx Weight 95 pounds

  • Weight Capacity 350 pounds

  • 2 HP Rated

  • Cockpit Opening 27" wide x 54" long

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STANDARD EQUIPMENT on the Migrator 11' MODEL FOUR RIVER LAYOUT BOAT comes standard with the foam gun pad, but can be upgraded to the OPTIONAL NEW GUN SHELF. It also comes with a 2-position fiberglass seat, plus 4 standard 4" Black Cleats, 6 Eye Hooks, Rear Drain, Front Tow Hook. This is standard product, not special order.

The Migrator boat measures 132" in overall length with a beam width of 50" and a depth in the cockpit area of 12.5", 15" at the transom. The cockpit opening is 27" wide and 54" in length for plenty of room with all your gear on. Weighing in at approximately 95 pounds, makes it a easy job of getting in and out of the water. The weight capacity of 350 pounds will handle all of your hunting gear easily.

The Migrator is very stable like the Refuge Runner with its low profile design and you will be amazed at how you will be able to stand up in without having to worry about tipping the boat over. Also with its low profile design, you will be amazed at how close the ducks come in. This boat is designed with a built in dog deck behind the cockpit. This design keeps the dog out of the cockpit and helps keep you dry. This boat also has a built in transom that will accommodate a 2 HP outboard motor, or a trolling motor. If you prefer not to have a motor, a kayak paddle or push pole works great with this boats design.

*Price include $65.00 crating charge, this will be deducted if picked up at factory.

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