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    Introducing our Four Rivers B.A.R. seat and MINI B.A.R. Seat, these are our Bad Azz Recliner seat. With a heavy duty metal frame and ratchet system with 6 positions, you are sure to have a comfortable dry seat while you hunt.  The seat has 2 layers of 1" thick closed cell foam so it will not soak up water. but yet still comfortable. The seat has a vegetation row on the back so you can tie on rafia grass if you so desire. There is also 2 D rings to attach a included shoulder strap if you want to carry it for a field hunt or during a turkey hunt. 

    With an extended back rest and bottom seat area, it is more comfortable than the original Invisalounge Recliner seat. The BAR Seat bottom seat area is 15" wide and 24" long so you will always be sitting on the seat no matter which position you recline in. The back rest is taller so you can actually rest your head against the back rest. It measures 15" wide and 24" tall. Tall enough to use it for your head but not too tall to have to worry about hiding it. The head rest area is tapered and is ADJUSTABLE forward and backwards. It is available in Snow Goose White, AVERY KW1 and  Marsh Grass pattern. The BAR seat measures 15" wide, 48" long, (24" seat section and 24" back rest section) and 2.25" thick. The MINI BAR seat measures 15" wide, 36" long, (18" seat section and 18" back rest section) For storage, the seat folds in half. To reset the ratcheting system, just fold the seat in half and it is ready to set to your desired position.

    Also works well for turkey hunting, watching tv, playing video games, around camp fires and any other place you need a quick comfortable seat.

    We manufacture this seat here at our factory. IT IS NOT MADE IN CHINA like the other seats!! We buy all the components from U.S.A. based companies and use local shops to fabricate the frame and sew the cover, then we assemble them here so they are ready when you order them. This product is similar to the Action Recliner seat that has been on the market for years, except our seat has closed cell foam so it will not soak up water.

    Product Features: 
    • Closed Cell Foam

    • 6 Position Ratcheting Frame

    • KW1 or Marsh Gras Camo Patterns, Buck Brush Pattern is discontinued and no longer available.

    • 24" Tall Back Rest on BAR

    • 18" Tall Back Rest on MINI BAR
    • Vegetation Webbing on rear of head rest

    • Adjustable Head Rest

    • Carrying Handle sewed into sidewall of seat

    • Adjustable Shoulder strap included
    • Made in the U.S.A. right in our factory
    • Snow Goose White does not include shoulder strap but does have carry handle