Concealment is Key


Our boats are designed to hide easily so you can have awesome hunts. Their shallow draft gets you into the best spots. Our accessories have vegetation straps built in to help you hide super quick and easy. With door system and dog blind, you can hide and bust the birds super close.

Built Tough


We designed our hull laminate SUPER TOUGH so you can be confident the EBADS will get you there and back safely. The front nose of the hull is 7/16" thick, so busting ice isn't an issue, Tested 2.75" of ice for 2 miles 3 days in a row and no issues. 

Custom Built for YOU


We take the time to talk to you about your perfect boat that fits your needs. We help you decide on which boat will perform best and give you years filled with awesome hunts. We want to earn your business and make sure you get exactly what you want and need.



We offer Flip Doors, Camo Boat Covers, Dog Blinds, Storage Shelves, Grab Bars, Electrical Panel, Bilge Pumps, Navigational Lights and can also add custom light bars to suite your needs. If you want something extra, don't be afraid to ask, we are here to build your dream boat.

Reach untouched areas


With a special designed hull, this boat draft so little and can allow you to access areas that are normally unreachable. Fully loaded with 550 lbs of payload, this boat drafts less than 5 inches. Super tough and durable to bust ice, jump logs, grass pads, stumps, it can get you there.

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