Bilge Pump

Tired of bailing water out of your boat with a sponge or anything else you can find. Well let us install a bilge pump with a thru hull fitting and you can just flip a switch and get the water out effortlessly. Only available on select models

Electrical Panel

Want all you controls in one spot, let us install and electrical panel for you. With 3 switches, you can control a bilge pump, navigational lights, driving lights or whatever you want. Also has a 12 volt plug so you can use a spot light or charge a cell phone.

Grab Bar

Safety First. Everyone needs a secure place top hold on to while running thru the marsh. Our grab bar base plate is securely mounted to the floor and top cockpit rail and removes in seconds when you get to your hunting spot. Available for most models.

Navigational Lights

Running in the dark to get to your spot? With Navigational lights installed, you can be up to Coast Guard codes and let them bother someone else. Rear light is on a 48" pole, also comes with pole storage brackets. Can be wired into electrical panel.

Storage Shelf

Tired of gear scattered all over the floor of you boat, Have 1 or  2 shelves installed and keep the mess gone. Keep it on the shelf, dry and out the way. Shelves simply slide in and out for easy cleaning after the hunt. Can install on either side or both. 

REAR LED Light Pole (fold down)

Rear Fold Down LED LIght Pole

This innovative LED Rear light pole simply folds down out the way when not in use. Driving thru low hanging brush, no problem, it swivel base allows it to fold back as you go under stuff without breaking it.

Fiberglass Cockpit Covers

A fiberglass cockpit cover can keep your gear secure and dry during the trip to and from the marsh. You can strap it on or create a locking system for it for added security. Durable heavy duty fiberglass.

Flip Door Systems

Layout boats are basically field blinds in the water. With the ability to get in super shallow marshes, add a set of Flip doors and hide with ease and enjoy the hunt. Birds fly in, flip them open and shoot.

Camo Boat Covers

A camo cover is quick and easy to use, tie on vegetation onto the cover and blend in and turn your boat into a duck killing machine. removes in seconds for open water hunting or traveling.

Transom Saver

When running a surface drive on a SOBADS or EBADS, we highly recommend a transom saver to reduce the stress on your transom. 

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Custom Work

Want something custom, give a shout and will see if it is possible.