Welcome to Four Rivers Layout Boats

Welcome to Four Rivers Layout Boats

Four Rivers Layout Boats  has been producing some of the most recognized layout boats in the industry since 1997. We take pride in each and every boat to make sure it is exactly what the customer wants and needs to improve their duck hunts. We make products that work because we listen to our customers and try to give them what they need.

With boats ranging from a 9’ 6” and a weight of 80 lbs Teal Chaser, an 11’ and a weight of 95 lbs Migrator, or whether it is our famous 13’ 6” weighing in at 120 lbs Refuge Runner to our newest  13’ 6”, 13 HP rated EBADS, one is sure to fit you hunting needs. Plus we also offer all the accessories to go with them to make them the most versatile layout hunting boats on the market.

Others claim to be the best, and always compare to a Four Rivers. We just make sure we make the most durable, reliable, most sought after boats that can be used in anything from the shallowest marsh to open waters.

Because the ducks are not always where they should be, but if we can get you to where  “they” are, then we have done our JOB! The rest is up to you!

Latest News

Make sure and mark your calendars for April 10th - 12th to attend the 2015 Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Expo, with more than 570 exhibitors, contests, and other special attractions, you are sure to have a great time. Stop by booth #630 and visit Four Rivers in the Migration Ambush TV booth. For more show information click here to view additional info.

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